Award Winning
          All Natural Vietnamese Cuisine 
Shipping Rates are based on the number of bottles 
ordered 1 to 5 Bottles $13.80  -  6 to 8 Bottles $18.85
9 to 10 Bottles $27.60 - 14 to 16 Bottles $32.65 
17 to 21 Bottles $37.70 any orders for more than 
21 Bottles Please Contact Us 952-935-6200
UNFI Is Now Distributing Lotus Restaurant Retail Foods Nationally
Lotus Restaurant Retail Food Products Minnetonka, MN 55345 
Distributed By UNFI/Marketing Distribting
Pricing is $5.99 per Bottle Plus Shipping 
RangeMe Retailer Buyers Link

We are unable to ship our Lotus Sauces at this time. 
We have closed the shipping department dew to the COVID-19.
You could order the Sauce for store pick up from Lunds & Byerly's. They do not charge for pick orders.
Here is the web link
Just type in the word "Lotus" in the "What can we help you find" 
Thank You and Stay Safe!
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