Award Winning
          All Natural Vietnamese Cuisine 
Shipping Rates are based on the number of bottles 
ordered 1 to 5 Bottles $13.80  -  6 to 8 Bottles $18.85
9 to 10 Bottles $27.60 - 14 to 16 Bottles $32.65 
17 to 21 Bottles $37.70 any orders for more than 
21 Bottles Please Contact Us 952-935-6200
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UNFI Is Now Distributing Lotus Restaurant Retail Foods Nationally
Hand Rolled Egg Rolls & Nutritional's 
Cream Cheese Wontons
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Egg Rolls Press Release
Sauces Press Release
Lotus Sauces Nutritional's
Lotus Restaurant Retail Food Products Minnetonka, MN 55345 
Distributed By UNFI/Marketing Distribting
Pricing is $5.99 per Bottle Plus Shipping 
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